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Meet Dr Barbara Hales

Dr. Barbara Hales is a speaker, best selling author, and a successful business consultant who effectively applies Value-Based Marketing to your Business, Boosts your rankings, Strengthens your brand, and Increases your visibility. 

  • 4x Best Selling Author

  • Successful Business Consultant

  • Major Authority in Medical Marketing

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What Our Clients Say

“Kudos to Dr. Hales! Her masterful presentation and grasp on strategies is inspiring. I now have a list of fresh ideas to use.”

Kevin Harrington , Original Shark on Shark Tank

“Wow!  Barbara is loaded with great ideas that trigger the customer reactions ‘That’s for me’ and ‘I want that!’ within seconds of hearing Barbara’s words about your product!”

Brian Tracy

“If you are looking for a speaker, trainer and coach who can empower inspire and motivate your group, then you must book my friend Barbara Hales!” 

James Malinchak, Featured on ABCs Hit TV Show

“Barbara has given me some great strategies that I am eager to implement!”

Joe Theismann, Former World Champion Quarterback of the Washington Redskins

“Barbara Hales is the secret weapon that every business and organization should use to attract more clients and achieve success!

Her easy to follow strategies will help you attract more clients, increase revenue and transform your business marketing!”

John Formica

“Barbara Hales makes Content Marketing Easy!  Having worked with over a thousand entrepreneurs and professionals in 33 countries around the world, I have learned that the key to business is effectively telling your brand story so people know how you can help them and it just ‘makes sense’ that they should be working with you.  Through her strategies, Barbara equips you with all the tools you need to effectively tell your story.  So get out there and get started!”

Nick Nanton, Esq., Emmy Award Winning Director & Best Selling Author

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