President Obama is proud to promote his healthcare bill which recently passed the House of Representatives.  Indeed, the President touts all the endorsements from organizations that he has gotten.  But these endorsements have been purchased- at YOUR expense.

Ever wonder why AARP endorsed the bill when seniors are going to get less services?

AARP writes Medi-gap insurance- a privately purchased expensive insurance coverage that pays for bills that Medicare does not cover.  Because of the price tag, most seniors opted for Medicare Advantage which decreased AARP profits.  All of a sudden President Obama states that this “cadillac” insurance will no longer be subsidized and must be eliminated, shifting more than ten million  elderly over to the more expensive Medigap which will see more profits.  AARP is smiling all the way to the bank.  Are you still wondering why AARP endorses Obama’s plan?

Big Pharma endorsed President Obama’s healthcare reform.  For this, the drug industry received guarantees that the government will keep cheaper Canadian sold drugs from being imported into the U.S.  A ten-year limit of $80 billion on cuts to prescription drugs also made its way to the forefront.

The AMA (American Medical Association) which incidentally does not represent the majority of physicians in this country, endorsed the President’s plan.  It turns out that physician’s Medicare reimbursements were facing 21% cuts which Obama promised to cut for endorsement.  Watch- now that he has gotten the endorsement, the cuts will come anyway!

The thing to remember is that “if you lie down with snakes, you will get bitten”!