Today I would like to share a post with you from my good friend Greg Rollett, Emmy Award Winning Producer, and founder of Ambitious Academy.  This may be just the useful and unique strategy that you were looking for as a health provider with an important message to impart or a content marketer in the health niche.


If I were Ed Werder from ESPN…
Or Tomi Lahren from The Blaze…
Or any other media personality that just got let go or fired…
I want to tell you exactly what I would do. 
This has nothing to do with why they were fired or let go or who they are as people (think what you will about any or all of them).
 This is about what is happening in the media world right now, and why you need to get on board. 
You see, for as long as there has been media, it has been controlled by a few major players who held the keys to the kingdom. But, these few players also knew they had to create brands within their brands.
Thus, with FOX News you had Megan Kelly, Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity and others who I would consider as bigger stars than the network they work(ed) for.
Today, all the real power and freedom lies with these personal brands and NOT with legacy media networks. 
Let me explain. I’ll use Tomi as my example.
I’m sure you’ve seen her “Final Thoughts” at some point over the last year.
 Since being fired from The Blaze, Tomi has started posting her videos directly to her Facebook page.
 Her first video back has more than 9 million views and more than 94,000 shares.
This is the power shift.
You are your own media brand. Just like Tomi and Bill and Ed. 
You have all the power, you just need to do something to tap into it.  You no longer have to wait for FOX News to give you a show. You simply need to build your own platform, of which no one can take away from you.
Look, I’m not saying O’Reilly is a saint. Far from it. If he’s guilty, he should be punished. And should he wish to make a comeback, he has an opportunity to do so on his own terms and on his own platform.
Ed Werder was recently let go along with 200 of his on air colleagues at ESPN.  The strategy for Ed is even better in my opinion, since he is beloved and not surrounded by controversy.  If I’m Ed, here is what I’m doing right now.
I’m buying a camera, calling all my NFL buddies and starting The Ed Werder Show. Then I’m going to post it on Facebook and YouTube and Apple TV. I’m going to syndicate it as a Podcast on iTunes. I’m going to turn each episode into exclusive articles and give them to The Bleacher Report, The Huffington Post and any other outlet that will take it. I’m going to use all this media to grow my email list and build an even bigger and better Ed Werder brand.  In weeks you will have sponsors lining up to pay your bills, all while producing the show you want to produce and not having to worry about getting fired or let go by a legacy media group.
Now, I know you aren’t Ed or Tomi or Bill. But you are, in your own niche.  And you don’t need to live off ad dollars or sponsorships. You sell real products and services that people need right now and will need in the future.
The best way to ensure that you keep selling them, and keep growing, and keep helping the people you help is to jump on board and create a media brand based around yourself.
No one can ever take that away from you.  The only real USP you have in this world……is you.
The world needs you. The world needs you to tell your stories. To be weird. To be silly. To tell it like it is.  The world needs you to rally them and inspire them and motivate them.  And you do this through media. By having your own TV Show, your own radio show and your own print materials.
You become a media brand.
Don’t know how to do it?
It’s simple. Start by creating a TV Show. Yes, a TV Show. Except you are going to distribute it on YouTube and Facebook and Apple TV. Do it weekly.
Then use that content in every other imaginable format.  Be the Ed Werder of your niche. Be it real estate or financial services or the coaching business. Build your own platform and you’ll never have to worry about where new business will come from, or if current business will leave you. You’ll be too much a part of their lives to let go.
Want help in putting together the strategy? Or having an Emmy Award Winning Producer film your show?  Create them.

Contact my friend Greg Rollett  Founder,  Host, The Ambitious Life

P.S. I’d love to help you create your own TV Show. We are already developing and producing TV Shows for  coaches, consultants, candidates running for state Senate, Corporate Speakers and more.