You go to a nail salon or hairdresser and then a while later….blam… a text message asking you to rate the service that you received.  Having those 4-5 stars and rave reviews go a long way toward being chosen when someone is looking for a place to go for these services.

Have you thought, “Wow, if only I had a service that does this for my practice”?  Relying on patients rating you on their own when they are happy with your services may very well not occur.  After all, they are busy with their day-to-day activities.  You can be assured however that if someone wants to complain about you, they will most likely feel compelled to go online and do so.  Having all the great reviews will certainly dilute the one or two dissatisfied ones.

You may be thinking, “Which companies text patients after an office visit to get them to rate and review the doctor?”

The thing is that doctors have to abide by HIPAA codes which also means that services and texting must be encrypted to ensure patient privacy.  So, where do go to get this?

Companies that Provide Rating and Review Services

Several companies offer services that allow medical practices to text patients after an office visit to solicit ratings and reviews. These services integrate with the practice’s patient management systems to automate the process of gathering feedback. Some well-known companies in this area include:

  1. Podium: Podium is known for its effective communication tools that include review generation and management. It allows practices to send automated texts to patients post-visit, encouraging them to leave reviews on various platforms.
  2. Solutionreach: Solutionreach provides a patient engagement platform that includes post-visit surveys and review requests via text messages, helping practices enhance their online reputation.
  3. BirdEye: BirdEye offers a comprehensive platform for reputation management, including automated text messages for review requests. It also helps practices monitor and respond to reviews across various sites.
  4. Demandforce: This company specializes in marketing and client communication tools, including automated texts for post-visit reviews, aimed at improving online presence and patient engagement.
  5. Weave: Weave’s platform combines communication with marketing tools. It allows practices to send texts post-appointment, asking patients to rate their visit and leave a review.
  6. ReviewTrackers: This service focuses on review collection and management. It can send automated texts to patients after their appointments to gather feedback and encourage online reviews.
  7. This platform helps businesses manage their online reputation, including automated review requests via text messages following patient visits.
  8. Zocdoc: While primarily a platform for finding and booking doctors, Zocdoc also allows for patient reviews post-appointment, although it may not specifically use text messages for solicitation.

When you choose a service, consider factors like integration with your existing practice management software, ease of use, the extent of customization available, cost, and the platforms where reviews will be posted.

Additionally, it’s important to comply with all privacy laws and regulations, such as HIPAA in the United States, when sending automated communications to patients.

Don’t forget, that signage at the front desk will go a long way to letting patients know not only to rate you but where you want the review to go.  Having QR codes will enable patients to go into the site and rank you while they are still in the office before they get busy at home and forget you despite all the good intentions that they may have.

Let’s discuss a strategy to get you more ratings and better reviews.

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