While you might consider your content on health pretty good, your readers and prospective patients may not and after all, it is their opinion that counts. Your content and messages may seem important to you but it must be viewed as relevant, useful and of value to your target market. This is where having a tool providing a much more objective analysis and evaluation of your content, makes all the difference!  Audit your content for where it’s strong and where it needs improvement for viewer engagement.

Evaluate your content with Buzznami

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Buzznami is mainly focused in the content marketing arena. The site works not only in auditing your content,but also promoting it so that it can get in front of as much of the right audience as possible. Each post is optimized for search engine optimization, and you build up a list of influencers and link partners for each post to get that content out into the world.


You’ve gone through the challenge of getting great content created. Now you just need more eyeballs on that content. Buzznami offers a done-for-you content promotion service which drives traffic to your site.

The tool automatically determines the associated social media accounts for the domain when you submit your content for the free analysis and audit. You can correct these as needed. Your request then enters the queue and you’ll be sent your report via email when it is complete. Buzznami says the typical wait time is only 5 to 10 minutes, and then you can take specific actionable steps to improve your submitted content.

How The Content promotion works (according to the Buzznami site)

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Step 1 – Onboarding

Once you sign up, you’ll be taken to an onboarding form where everything is captured. we need about your business. On the launch call your goals and content is discussed. Then a strategy is compiled to drive consistent traffic to your content.

Blog Post Promotion

Step 2 – Setup

A report is prepared to analyze your existing content marketing efforts, set you up in our project management system, get access to your website and Google Analytics, and prepare baseline reports.

Blog Post Promotion

Step 3 – Execution

When the post goes live,  content is immediately optimized and promoted, queuing it up for social sharing, and doing everything else to get  more exposure. You just have to create the content!

Get ideas that improve your content strategy, not just brainless execution

We’re marketers first, content promotion experts second. While we implement a strategy that will drive targeted traffic to your blog posts, we make strategic recommendations to improve your overall strategy and grow your business.blog promotion services

Focus more on creating great content instead of the headaches of promoting it.

Use your extra time creating more amazing content, executing other marketing campaigns, or just improving your business in other areas.

Increase traffic with proven Content promotion strategies.

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Trying this service out is free.  Check it out!

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