This is being shared in memory of Dan Kennedy as he waits to continue on his life’s journey to the next plain.

Everyone has stories and memories of Dan who was one of the best marketers of this and last century.

He told it like it is and was with his No BS marketing shtick. He mentored many of us and helped us get to the 6 and 7 figure incomes due to his tutelage. Always taking advantage of a situation, he would crank the AC up to feel like fifty degrees in his conferences and then sell sweatshirts in the back of the room.

When people remarked that Maryland may not be the most ideal spot for a conference and maybe he should move it, he would reply that Maryland was his home, his playground and that if you wanted to hear him, then you would be Maryland bound.

I consider myself very lucky “to have heard him”.

Share your Dan Kennedy stories with us and bring a smile to our faces.