Once you can answer the question “Why you?” in people’s mind, patients will flock to your office.

Does this sound like a dream?

Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Figure out what distinguishes you from all your competitors.  Unless you are the only physician, dentist or healthcare professional in a 500 mile radius, then your colleagues are indeed your competition.

Do you have:

  • More flexible office hours?
  • A great portal system that patients have easy access to?
  • A telehealth system where patients can get treated by you online?
  • More advanced credentials or training?
  • Services or procedures that no one else does?
  • the latest equipment that no one else has?
  • Better coverage?
  • Better participation in health insurance plans?

Everyone is a bit different and while what you do may seem routine, it is indeed very special to others. What is the one thing that patients will say about you and share with their friends and family?

Sit down with your staff and current patients and ask them.  Find out why they come to you and what the staff finds unique about the practice.

Now What?

Your USP is your brand!  Once you have figured this out, it is time to blast it to the community, the public, the media to strengthen your brand.

One of the best ways to do this is with speaking engagements. There are many places to speak and get increased visibility, from the local library or Chamber of Commerce, to schools and health fairs.

Check out this video which gives you more tips:


If this doesn’t work for you, go to YouTube, Episode 101: Interview with Jackie Lapin where we share speaking strategies for professionals.

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