“You can push an envelope as far as you can, and it is still stationary!”

That describes “healthy” people who want to dare their destiny by not buying health insurance.  That an accident or decline in health can occur at any moment and wipe out your funds, does not seem to be appreciated by these dare-devils.

The Challenge

The latest Obamacare challenge to face the Supreme Court was initiated by these type of individuals- Virginians who say they shouldn’t be getting federal subsidies to buy health insurance on healthcare.gov because without it, they wouldn’t have to buy health insurance.  So, you don’t want health insurance?

That’s like saying if Crest and Colgate didn’t make toothpaste and toothbrushes, we wouldn’t have to brush our teeth!  Really?

The Affordable Care Act, which has been controversial since it’s inception in 2009, provides federal subsidies for those who can’t afford to buy health insurance. (Problem here?) It’s also about the health exchanges that the government would set up if states failed to do so. (involving 34 states). The plaintiffs say subsidies shouldn’t go to those on a federal exchange.

If the suers win, tax credits would cease immediately.

While I felt that improvement in healthcare could have been addressed in a few provisions, encompassing less than ten pages rather than over two thousand, changing the system in mid-air would be devastating!

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