Do you have a newsletter or Ezine (digital newsletter) yet?

Newsletters are one of the most effective ways to keep your business in the mind of your current clients or patients.  They may not have need for your services right now, but when they do, having you in their mind translates to your getting calls from them when they are ready instead of the competitors.

Many practices, businesses, and organizations use newsletters for their educational and marketing strategy.

While many newsletters today are distributed via e-mail, there are pros and cons to both digital and hardcopy newsletters.

Electronic Newsletters Vs. Hardcopy


Most newsletters are published on websites or distributed digitally to cut down on costs in this tough economy.  However, people like printed newsletters to handle manually and read while on trains or forced to wait in situations where they are spending time in any given areas like waiting rooms.  Remember, the prime objective of a newsletter is to promote interaction with the client and the newsletter distributor.

If you can continually encourage the client to interact with a business through a newsletter, there is a better chance the there will be client retention.


Studies how that those who have physical newsletters, read them more thoroughly as opposed to having a digital copy with an all-to-easy option of hitting the delete key.

Then too, when the newsletters are in hardcopy form, they can put it on their desk for later with colleagues getting a glimpse of it as they go by, becoming a subscriber as well.


Here are some tips for launching these newsletters and getting throngs of subscribers.

First, we need to make a few assumptions.  Let’s just say that you already have a website.  This website is promoting your services. You want to further market your services via newsletters so that you can keep your finger on the pulse of your market.

One way to do this is to offer a free newsletter subscription.  But first, you need to entice your readers to view your newsletter.  With all the SPAM being distributed, people are wary of subscribing to just anything.  You need to offer something interesting, compelling or of value to your reader.

You can also attract subscribers by offering a free gift with the subscription. A short eBook on a topic that your readers will find helpful is a great way to get people to subscribe to your newsletter.

Newsletter Format

There is no gold standard for design or format. Print newsletters can be 20 pages or longer. Or, they can be shorter digital communications, with several articles. blog attachments, updates or even short videos.

Some businesses send an eNewsletter to make a sale but it is different for professionals, where relevant updates and news about the practice is included, like office hours, new staff members and upcoming events.

Newsletters provide information on a myriad of relevant topics with links for an immediate action, like scheduling an appointment, referring a colleague or contacting your office to learn more about a subject discussed in the newsletter.


Need a newsletter but don’t have the time to create one?  No worries. Contact to discuss your needs. If calls work better for you, phone 516-647-3002.

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