Apple is working hard to keep you healthy. (like the adage- an Apple a day….)

In April of this year, the iWatch debuted.  It was in the Apple stores for viewing or trying but for display purposes only.  For those who felt the need to purchase one, orders were taken with a promise to send as soon as available.

Apple sold $1 million dollars of watches on the first day! You would be right if you realize that it’s not JUST a watch!  It is so much more.  Besides the usual iphone apps, the iWatch is your personal vicodin pharmacy no prescriptions health coach….it’s certainly mine! Continue to learn more about it.
The iHealth Coach
I just got a flick on my wrist!  I looked down and read “it’s time to stand for one minute”.  The iWatch detects when you’ve been sitting too long and gently reminds you to move around.

Here is what the face looks like when you transition from a watch face.

The circles here represent apps.  The central one with the three consecutive rings signify standing, moving and exercise. Monitoring is over a 12 hour cycle and the watch gently nudges you if you are sedentary too long.

The circle with the running man to the left of the three circles represents your exercise program.  First you set the program for the amount of calories that you would like to burn.  Next, you set the exercise that you would be doing and after hitting the start icon, it counts down from three to start measuring.

As you can see from the image, the watch keeps a running tally and gives you the score at the end of the week.  While you are going the distance, the watch constantly reports how far you are going in mileage or kilometers. (your choice)

You can pretend that you exercise regularly, but the watch knows better!  It certainly will keep me on track!