Yes, it’s the last day of my life, living in 2013.  And your’s too!

How many people have asked what your New Year’s resolutions are, or what your plans are for New Year’s eve, for that matter?

Ask anyone around you what today is, and most will tell you that it is New Year’s eve.

But, what about it being the last day of 2013?  No one seems to recognize this.  They are already onto 2014.  No one says, “it’s the last day…the last time that I will be able to accomplish the tasks on my to-do list before the year ends. No one says, it’s the last day, I need to accomplish my set goals. They are already planning and hoping for great things in the coming year.  But this year is not done!

I too hope for a good year coming for all of us, and to you, my friends and readers- one filled with health and happiness!   But, I also hope for you to enjoy each day and live it in gratitude, without already thinking of it as a write-off or bridge to the next event.