Okay, you gave a webinar. That’s great! The thing is, how effective was it?
Measuring certain parameters will answer this question and determine whether it was worth your time and money. It need not be a guessing game.

Success Parameters

Success for most people is defined as:

  • Number of attendees
  • How many attendees complied with your call to action
  • Quality of leads- do they match your criteria
  • Long term results – current clients

These can be measured along with

  • drop off rate (did they watch the whole webinar or did they quit)
  • Engagement rate: did the viewers answer the survey and poll questions, did they ask questions at the end of the webinar?

According to Direct Marketing News:

84% of companies with a CRM have a lead scoring process to measure lead quality.

A great idea to convert the “tire-kickers” and viewers of the webinar to those interested in pursuing your services and products further is to offer more relevant information or to offer an attractive gift (in the form of an ebook or white paper) that the viewer can request by giving an email address.

Workcast is a CRM or Marketing Automation system which integrates with your webinar platform.
Having one not only offers key metrics but also offers a workflow setup to keep uninterested leads aware of your services regularly until they become interested.

Webinars are Evergreen

As long as you don’t insert a visual date or mention a current event which dates the webinar, these sources of content will stay relevant and  can be repeated with benefit each time.  They become part of future marketing with minimal additional effort.

Leveraging your Webinar

Steps to make your webinar successful:

  • Promote your webinar at least 2 weeks before it airs and repeat it to your database
  • Provide viewing on demand- let prospective clients see the webinar when it is convenient for them, not restrict it just to your time.  There are some that prefer the morning or afternoon, and still may like to see webinars when most people are tucked in for the night.
  • Webinar channels make your webinars easy to find and give them more visibility.
  • Embed the channels or webinars themselves on your website


Consider thank you messages for those that viewed the webinar with calls-to-action being repeated after the note of gratitude.Have you been measuring your webinars?  What system do you use?  Share your experiences in the comment box below.