Doctors- Listen Up!  For those of you who are interested in cultivating more patients within your practice, did you know that there are personality types that will gravitate to you.  Do you show yourself or your personality to your patients?

Read on as writes about the different doctor types and how patients are actually more interested in a fit between the doctor and themselves than the credentials on your wall.  This article comes from

Did you know that most patients care more about their emotional connection to a doctor than the doctor’s academic credentials? That’s just one of the surprising findings to come out of a recent study of what patients value in a doctor. Conducted by Harris Interactive for Vitals, the study results showed that – when it comes to finding a physician – patients are drawn to five distinct physician personalities, each with their own unique set of qualities.

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Doctor Archetypes Vitals Finds Most Patients Have a “Type” When it Comes to Dr. Right Photo

So which doctor type are you?  Is there a patient type?  What do you think?

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