As we reflect back on the hottest trends in health this past year,  there are seven that stand out more than the others.

Here were the  hottest health obsessions of this year.

The first 3 of the 7 deal with diets. This  topic has always been the center of popularity each year but is especially  important as we coach patients to choose healthier lifestyles.
1. Whole30
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Whole30 is an elimination diet that cuts out processed foods, refined sugar, dairy, grains, beans, legumes,  and alcohol for a full 30 days. By limiting your diet to  meats and fish, greens, nuts, and seeds—you’ll reduce weight while cutting down on gut inflammation.

Diets focused on ways we think about meals and its timing, along with supplements.

2.Intermittent fasting

There are 2 popular calorie restricted diets for an extended period of time here.

or majorly reducing calorie intake during an extended period to achieve weight loss, was a hot diet in both 2016 Time-restricted feeding forgo food for a 12-hour period and can eat whatever they crave the remainder of the day.

The 2nd popular rendition of the diet, 5:2 fasting, involves a bit more adjusting, as followers choose two non-consecutive days per week to eat 500 calories or fewer, and maintain their normal diet on the other five days. In either case, the change is  how and not what you’re eating—so you can lose weight without feeling always restricted.

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7. Cooling bedding

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The importance of consistent, quality sleep was frequently talked about this year. An April New York Times article even designated sleep the new status symbol. Now, more than ever, we’re aware of just how sleep-deprived we are, and how we need sufficient sleep to function effectively.

Several new products hit the scene designed to help us sleep better—like cooling pillows and sheets constructed from moisture-wicking fabrics  by maintaining a steady body temperature as we sleep and banish night sweats, two things that can help us sleep more soundly. No wonder they exploded in popularity!


Why Are We Talking About This Today? 

 Ok, here’s the thing.  As a physician, you should be aware of what patients are reading, sharing with their friends and talking about.  If you are unaware and can’t comment on them, it makes you less up-to-date and looks like you aren’t keeping up with the practice of medicine in general.
There are several ways that you can keep up, with alerts and social media in general.
But, even better than just being able to keep up, wouldn’t it really boost your image if you were the one talking about these trends to patients and prospective patients alike?
This is the beauty of Content Marketing! You can choose to be stale and relegated to a has-been, watching your practice decline, or you can see your practice grow in leaps and bounds while you become a well-known authority in your field.
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