“A good speech should be like a woman’s skirt; long enough to cover the subject and short enough to create interest.” 

-Winston Churchill 


 5 Reasons Why You Need to be a Great Speaker

Being a great speaker is an immense tool for promoting yourself.  Speaking confirms your authority in the field you work in.  It promotes your services and compels people to seek you out.  It promotes your products and induces people to buy them.  But I have been to lectures with authority figures who put everyone in the audience to sleep within a matter of moments- hardly effective speaking, wouldn’t you say?!

So, with all the competition for your attention from traditional and social media, how do you get noticed as a great speaker?

You don’t have to be eloquent as much as you need to tell your story and touch heartstrings or bring smiles to faces in the crowd. This is why puppies and babies are so popular and shared so consistently on social media sites.  This will bring you great success in the form of getting noticed, establishing authority, being persuasive for your services and products and becoming a desired speaker. Most of all, you will become a leader or influencer.


The 5 reasons to become an effective speaker are:

1. Credibility

If you speak well and persuasively, your listeners accept what you have to say as being authentic. Conversely if you don’t speak well, people feel that you don’t represent your field well, you are inexperienced and unprepared.  People don’t want to hear advice from someone they don’t have confidence in.

2. Charm

A good speaker exudes charisma and an aura of success and confidence. People want to be associated with or affiliated with people they admire. Conversely, people who don’t speak well develop a low self-esteem or poor image of themselves.  This leads to lack of success in promoting services or looking professional.

3. Opportunities

Speaking opens the doors to new opportunities, whether it is selling a course, a book or getting new clients. Effective speaking touches our hearts, buoys our hopes and inspires us.  We are charmed by good speakers which further places them in a position of power, control and appeal.

4. Higher earning potential

Those who speak well get higher paying jobs and receive promotions more frequently according to statistics. Since we rate everything through our interpretation of language, we need to understand, like and be persuaded by the speech we hear.

5. Leadership

Whether it is to a group of people, a crowd or one-to-one, speaking to groups is crucial for a good leader.  It is the way that a leader expresses intentions, resolve, and plans. An inspirational speech by a leader can be life-changing!

There is a saying that you don’t know a subject well until you can teach it to others. So, it is with speaking. We don’t know ourselves intimately until we’ve presented ourselves well in talks. Dare to be yourself, introduce yourself on a personal level so that people can identify with you and they will accept your messages that much more readily.


We gain web traffic, power, recognition, opportunity and credibility when we exercise the skills and bravery to give speeches. It promotes assertiveness, confidence and effectiveness which are all traits one needs to be successful.


Have you thought about what your signature speech would be?  What is your core message?  What represents you and your services?  Who are you trying to communicate with?  Who are you trying to reach?  These are all questions that you need to ask yourself when you are devising your “signature talk”.

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