Apple’s big event was at 1 p.m. Eastern time today. Their big announcements stretched over 90 minutes by video and no one watching it turned away due to the length.  They were excited…almost like a revival meeting! Apple does create a cult-like following.

Every few moments, with each new item presented, you found yourself saying, ” I want that” or “I have to have that” or even “When can I buy that”!

True, the products are innovative and geared to the usefulness of the public.  But what golden strategy does Apple use to make EVErYONE crave all the products that Apple presents? Apple’s marketing produces raving and faithful followers that will stand on lines for hours to be first for the next product.

10 Steps to Apple’s Strategy

  1. The first and foremost step that Apple takes is in the “Hush, Secret”.  Product launches are kept secret from everyone until they are ready to unveil and presell to you. Watching the launch and hearing when you can get it is made exclusive and time-dependent.
  2. Apple creates a buzz through reviews in the media
  3. Influencers are given information to blog to their world.
  4. Case studies show success of Apple products. Nielsen published research on consumer trust in product marketing which revealed that  92% of consumers trust recommendations they get from friends and family, while 70% of shoppers trust opinions from other consumer reviews online.
  5. Apple always presents a UVP (unique value proposition) involving a beautiful design and a new function.
  6. Apple juices the consumer up through social media.
  7. Apple focuses on how the new product can change your life and improve upon it–how it is something that you simply must have
  8. Apple keeps the presentation simple without giving too much information.  No one needs to know how something works but rather how it works for you. Benefits are stressed, not the technology behind it.
  9. Apple talks to their audience in their own language. If you like to take pictures- these pictures are better than any camera and the edit program is fantastic.  If you like music, the stereo sounds are theater quality. There is LED backlighting and “edge to edge glass”.
  10. Elicit emotions.  Now the iWatch will notify you if your heartbeat is too slow or too fast, preventing a catastrophe or death.  If you fall, your iWatch gets help for you. Studies show that when content presented elicits a high level of emotions, it is more apt to go viral. Also positive content is shared much more than negative content.

So, how can you use these strategies to promote yourself?

  • Persuade influencers that your services are relevant and important to their audience. Then they are more likely to  share it with their followers.
  • Use Emotion-trigger words in your website, blog and article content to build loyalty the way Apple does.
  • Create videos or images that trigger emotions for your services.
  • Build a community in social media, chatrooms, forums and pages that allow viewers the opportunity to add their thoughts and opinions while asking questions with others. Engaging participants and allowing them to interact makes them want to belong and visit the community.
  • Add testimonials
  • Create case studies of your own to show the successes that procedures or services that you provide are beneficial (and who stands to benefit from them)

Create scannable content for your website. Research shows 79% of web users scan the page rather than reading all the words.  This is key to understanding your content marketing and potentially using social media with smaller bits of data.

Include bullet points to list benefits. Make sure that your headings and subheadings are clear, and easy to read so your target market will stay on the page and return often, increasing your views.

Did you catch the “event” today?  Which Apple products are you going to order?