Sydney Biddle Barrow and Dr. Barbara Hales at Carnegie Hall, NYC

Last week I had the privilege of meeting Sydney Biddle Barrows, talking at Carnegie Hall.

Sydney Biddle Barrows became well known as the Mayflower Madam with high profile clients in her escort agency.  You would think discovering her would lead to her downfall as she pled guilty to promoting prostitution.  A TV movie was made based on her book starring Candice Bergen.    Instead, she leveraged her experience and important connections to become a management consultant, businesswoman and writer.

Sydney understands what people want (besides sex) , promotes and provides it.  This is a model that guarantees success.  Instead people make the mistake of talking about them instead of highlighting “what’s in it for them”.

Takeaways I learned from Sydney Barrows

  • Give people what THEY want
  • Find out what your clients really want
  • People don’t want to buy the product, they are buying the experience

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