Photo: Michael E. Gerber and Dr. Barbara Hales at Carnegie Hall, NYC

Michael E. Gerber, an astute author and businessman, authored more than one dozen books under the series title E Myth.  The one that I enjoyed the most is Awakening the Entrepreneur Within (2008) ISBN 978-0-06-156814-5.

Last week, I heard a most enlightening conversation by Michael E. Gerber who told me and others that to be a legend, you must discover “IT”.

Something wakes up in you when you find IT.  You have no knowledge what IT means to be born again but when you are, you understand what G-d is and you’ll never be the same.

Every coach on the planet promises to fix your business but guess what….they CAN’T!  The real problem is not your broken business, it’s you.  He advises reading “Mastering the Mind of a Master by Ray Kroc” who Gerber feels is a great example of finding IT for himself.

The thing is, just like the movie “City Slickers”, everyone’s IT is different.  Have you found yours?

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