The advantages of press releases extend way beyond simply notifying the community of your practice, service or product.  Today, I am bringing you information sent by HOTH which enables you to see press releases in a new light.

how and why to use a press release

Press releases can be extremely useful if you use them correctly.

In today’s article, we’re going to break down exactly how and why you should be using press releases.

We’ll show you:

  1. How to get hundreds of awesome, white hat DA20-90+ links
  2. Why these are the best links to start off a site and can help prevent Penguin penalties
  3. How to make your clients happy right off the bat (even when SEO takes time to work)

What is a Press Release?

A press release is an article to be “released” to the press. It usually covers an event such as the launch of a new business, a new feature, or something newsworthy that’s happening.

After the press release is written, you can syndicate it to news organizations so that they can either publish it as is or create a new story around it.

This results in your brand, news, and website getting covered (with links!) on hundreds of high quality real news sites.

What kinds of links do you get when you submit a press release?

The links you get from publishing a press release are fantastic. They are from high quality real news sites, often with Moz Domain Authority of 20-90+ (very powerful).

Here’s some screenshots from a recent press release we ran:

FOX Press Release Example

FOX Press Release Example

CBS Press Release Example

CBS Press Release Example

ABC Press Release Example

ABC Press Release Example

As you can see, you can get some very high domain authority links back to your website.

With this kind of distribution through major new channels like the Associated Press, Lexis Nexis, and more, you’ll get hundreds of these high quality links on real, powerful news sites like the above.

What are these links good for?

These links can be used for a few things:

Base Links

Every site needs some links to start, and these links will give you awesome diversity from real sites. This happens naturally in the real world – a business is started, a press release gets seeded to major news publications, they pick it up and the website starts getting links.

That’s exactly what we’re doing here. The press release will give your site an authority boost and high quality credits in Google’s eyes.

Diversity Links To Keep Your Site Safe

One of the biggest reasons that SEO’s worry about rankings is because of previous penalties. One of the major penalties that websites experience today are Penguin penalties from having too many links with direct anchor text.

Many SEOs talk about how you should have 30% this anchor, 30% that etc. Instead, a better idea is to have 99% of your anchor text natural as in a naked URL or a brand anchor, like this: (naked) or The HOTH

Press releases are the perfect way to get hundreds of these natural anchor text links and diversify your portfolio.

That way, when you go to build other links like high domain authority links or guest post links, you won’t have to keep track of your anchor text as much.

How can you use a press release?

There are a few different scenarios that you may want to use a press release for:

1. Diversity links
Like I mentioned above, Press Releases will give you great diversity in your links and help prevent penguin penalties.

2. A great report to give to your clients
Clients love these reports because they look great. Your clients will have their name in hundreds of well respected publication and news channel affiliates like ABC, NBC, FOX and more.

3. Online Reputation Management
Many press releases tend to rank well, especially right away. These are great for ORM since there are hundreds of high authority websites with your target brand / name on them.

4. Ranking the press releases
Some people use press releases as property to rank (just like ORM, but for non-reputation management type of niches).

Recommendations For Ordering Press Releases

Here are our recommendations for how to order your press release:

1. Every site should have at least 1 press release

We recommend using a press release a part of a websites foundational links, or links that start a website.

2. Order with only naked or brand anchors

In order to avoid Penguin penalties, we recommend only using naked anchors or brand anchors.

3. Include a link to an authority site or a 2nd property

Press releases can include up to 3 links. We encourage linking to a non-competing authority site or another property you have (a Youtube video, a Facebook page, etc).

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I hope you found this useful!

How have press releases helped you? Share your experiences with press releases in the comment box below.