Photo: Dylan Howard and Dr. Barbara Hales at Carnegie Hall

Dylan Howard is the Chief Content Officer of American Media Inc. which publishes:

  • National Enquirer
  • US Weekly
  • InTouch
  • Life & Style
  • OK!
  • Star
  • Globe
  • Men’s Fitness
  • Soap Opera Digest
  • and More

Lessons from Dylan Howard

He believes that to achieve success, one must put the work in. He suggests that you hire a publicist to get your name out and to create your own brand.

4 Steps to Create Affirmations that Produce extraordinary results

These are four steps that Dylan said to consider in your affirmations for success:

  1. Analyze what you’re committed to (and actually commit)
  2. Consider why it’s deeply meaningful to you
  3. Assess which actions will ensure your success
  4. Plan when you’ll be committed to those actions and do so without wavering

These steps make a lot of sense when you think about them.  Sometimes the most sage advice is the advice that has the most meaning for you.

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