This is the second in the series of the industry’s top news and updates as a Thanksgiving gift to you. Here we discuss ineffectual PPC habits and algorithmic changes that are forcing marketers to pivot.

Your Brand vs Social Algorithms: The Conundrum of 2018

If you’ve spent months or even years crafting the most foolproof content strategy sure to set the marketing world ablaze, it may have been for naught.

Don’t look so sad,Cyber Monday has had the best sales yet!


But it’s true. As this article in Marketing Land explains, algorithms change quickly and often without warning. That means social strategies, specifically, can be upended overnight.

The major social media platforms recently moved away from chronological ordering of posts, so timing is not necessarily a great way to grab attention or catch new followers – it’s all about relevance to a specific user. More recently, Twitter doubled its character limit. So much for your quippy commentary on IoT – you’re now competing against 280 characters of detailed analyses on the same subject. Whose Twitter posts will perform better?

The answer is, “No one knows just yet.”

And that’s the key. Manage these known unknowns as best as you can and don’t place too much emphasis on cute algorithmic tactics that could be obsolete come the weekend. Know your customers and serve them experiences that entertain and inform. It’s the best we can do.