According to a survey by Merritt Hawkins, a physician recruiting firm, 28% of new doctors stated that they would choose a different career if they had the choice to do over again. A similar survey was performed in 2008 where new doctors were polled receiving 18% at that time.

Company representatives stated in a press release: “With declining reimbursement, increasing costs, malpractice worries, and the uncertainty of health reform, it is not surprising that many newly trained doctors are concerned about what awaits them”.

Additionally, almost one third questioned stated that they would prefer to be employed by a hospital buy ventolin tablets uk which shows a rise from 22% in 2008. Only one percent stated that they would have a solo practice.

This is in keeping with my previous blogs to state that “Private Practice, especially the solo practice” is dead.  People in the next 2 decades will not have the option or experience of having a single physician in a private, single setting. Instead, you will see a group of doctors in a clinic, hospital setting or conglomerate like Kaiser Permanente or HIP.

Is this a good thing or bad?  What is your take on it?