Today the senior team pranced onto the tennis court ready to play.

They weren’t nervous about the competition.  It didn’t matter to them (seemingly) whether they won or not.  They were merely happy to be alive and play, enjoying the sunshine.

One had the start of cataracts and could barely see.  Another had a leg brace and could not run after the balls unless they were hit within her vicinity on the court.  Still another was recuperating from shoulder surgery with mobility problems of the arm.

The competition took one look at this bedraggled bunch and laughed.  Beating them was going to be a piece of cake.

No one took into consideration how big their buy benzedrine inhaler hearts were and their joy in the game.  No one considered how focused they would be and how they were not taking the opposition for granted.

And Guess What?  NO ONE could beat them!

This taught me that:

  • nothing is as simple as it looks
  • you can not take anything for granted
  • Preparation is only part of the process, success comes with hard work and trying beyond what you think is humanly possible
  • You must stay focused
Just as life’s little lesson from the tennis court, if you go out there with a good attitude and you stay focused, no one can beat you and you are destined to succeed.