Google has just revamped their Health system.  UserInterfaces (UI) have become user-friendly.

Now, not only can people with illness use the system, Google is concentrating on the population segment that is healthy and wants to stay that way!

Employers and corporate heads are now “on the same page”- looking for programs that will keep their employees healthy and productive.

The new user interface enables a person to create a personalized dashboard presenting information that is most useful to his/her particular  health and wellness interests and needs, rather than focusing on generic PHR-type functions.

You can select from a variety of pre-configured wellness tracking metrics such as glucose levels,blood pressure readings, caloric intake, exercise, weight, etc.  Goals can then be set and tracked, enabling a charting or trend results during the tracking period as well as adding personal notes to the various entries for a personal journal.

If there is no current health metric listed, one can create one.  This is valuable for the person that wants to track an individual problem like chronic fatigue or what time of day a person suffers from a particular symptom like pain.  The new platform even allows one to track use of pain medication or coffee consumption for instance.

This is something that you may want to check out.

Kudos to you Google with your new GoogleHealth system!