Notices went out to physicians yesterday by the Medical Society of the State of New York, informing them that the White House was holding a conference call on health insurance reform. Providers were invited to write in their questions prior to the teleconference.

Obviously this is an issue held dear to healthcare providers as well as the public at large.  Many are quite passionate about it.

Nineteen hundred physicians “showed up” last night.  There were 400 questions submitted.  This did not include the questions that were asked in the Q and A period at the end of the call.

Unfortunately, information buying a ventolin inhaler disseminated over the 60 minute period did not vary from the standard message that the White House has been trying to sell with the AMA over the last several months.

When asked about tort reform at the end, the moderator stressed only that President Obama does not feel that there should be a cap on non-economic malpractice awards.

How healthcare costs can decrease significantly without taking money from liability premiums seems unlikely.