The latest survey done by Merritt & Hawkins, a physician recruiting company was recently published in The American Medical News.

Almost half of graduating medical residents (48%) are most interested in finding a practice opportunity that provides adequate free time. (increased from 33% in 2008) Less than ten percent said that they were most interested in dealing with patients daily as their primary concern.

In addition, results of the survey demonstrate the needs expressed by newly graduating physicians:

  • good financial package
  • Plum  Geographic location
  • Good call coverage
  • Provision of personal time
  • Choice Lifestyle

These are frightening results as is the statistic of $200,000 in student loans that 28% of medical school graduates carry.  Rarely did any express an interest in working in a small town.

Goodbye to Marcus Wellby and his colleagues. There’s a new doc in town!

These new physicians will be getting a “wake-up” call very shortly.