A well written blog:

  • conveys your message
  • enhances your image
  • keeps you in touch with your  database of clients or friends
  • increases your search engine rankings.

 Sprinkle your keywords liberally into the headlines and body context of your blogs. Link them to your service and blog which increases your ratings in Goggle and Yahoo searches. Spiders crawling through the web will love your site.

This is all well and good but you can’t just string a bunch of keywords together. Write the way you would speak, complete with your common expressions.  This will keep it friendly, make it easier to read and keep your reader interested.

What’s In It For Me? 

While writing your blog, this is a question that you need to keep in mind for your reader.

No one wants to just read some inane activity schedules like you just went out for a taco and picked up your laundry.  This is the mistake that many people made when they first signed on for Facebook and Twitter.

Social Media can be powerful but only if it is used correctly.  More on that in the next blog!