According to the International Health Policy Survey, polling ten thousand primary care physicians in 11 nations, the United States lags behind other countries in implementation of health information technology and  decreasing the overall access to care.

The decline in IT and primary physicians is directly lowering the quality of healthcare here.

Only 46% of U.S. physicians use electronic medical records in cointrast to 97% of doctors in New Zealand and Norway.  However, these statistics are greatly increased from last year so it is apparent that we are slowly moving in the right direction.  European governments have strong buying ventolin ventolin generic name and trade name from asda supportive policies for HIT.

Though medical costs are dramatically higher than costs in most other countries, we are the most expensive country which reflects a situation whereupon we are not getting increased value for our money spent.

Most European countries provide a larger percentage of doctors with financial incentives for providing preventive care services or implementing HIT.

While we are first beginning to offer incentives for healthcare providers in establishing an IT system and intercommunication, interfacing of different systems has still been a problem.

However, we are most assuredly heading in the right direction.  What do you think?