Social media helps you to get noticed and strengthen your brand. Most people are searching social media sites for answers to their problems and a discussion of their symptoms. You can be the one providing the solutions and get perceived as the go-to person, the thought leader, the authority in your field.

Image by PhotoMIX-Company on Pixabay

Perhaps you are thinking, sure it sounds good in theory but I don’t have the kind of time it would take to be consistent. The thing is, it doesn’t have to…automate!

After creating several social media posts on a day where you have some time, you can schedule these posts for another date and time.

WordPress allows you to schedule each post that you write for either immediate publishing or at a date and time that you designate when it comes to blogs.

While there are several platforms that allows for automation, Hootsuite is the leading one. The benefit of this platform is that you can track and control each of your social media posts in one spot. This enables you to see which posts and platforms work well for you and which do not so that you can adjust your efforts accordingly.

Almost as soon as people comment on your post or talk about your practice, you are made aware so that you can respond immediately.

Having automation allows you to post content consistently, saves time and enables you to converse with your audience in a relevant and useful way.

Effective social media takes a plan of strategy and goals but it doesn’t need to take up all your time on a daily basis. By automating, you can reap the benefits of your social media efforts- practice growth and brand recognition.

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