This blog was written by Mathoma, MD and appeared this month on Medscape entitled: What YOU can do: tort reform, medical insurance reimbursements, HCA and more

I’ve pissed and moaned about all of the above and more. Here on Medscape, other sites, to friends and family, to colleagues and others, too.

Today, I decided to do a little more. I called my state representative’s office and set up a face-to-face meeting with her on the above. It was surprisingly easy to do. So easy that I followed with a call to my state senator’s office and did the same there. I’ll meet with both of them separately in July.

The scheduler at the representative’s office said that they’ve had almost no input there from physicians(!) on any of the above issues. Amazing. We can take the time to type posts and replies here and on other sites, but it seems like not many of us are talking with those who might be able to make a difference.

I’m going to prepare and take statistics with me to help present my views. I’ll let them know that they can always call me later for additional information, opinions or data from our side of things.

Join me. Call ventolin inhaler no prescription australia your state representative and/or senator. Or go higher and talk to your Federal legislators. Set up a one-on-one meeting. Or see if you can set up a meeting and take several colleagues along. Let them know what you think, how you’re hurting, what your side is.

What will it cost? Couple of hours. What will it accomplish? Maybe nothing, but I’ll sure feel better the next time I complain about one of these issues on Medscape knowing that I spoke with someone who could make a difference.


One comment on this was by an internist who stated the following:

Beat you to it. FTR you’ll need a friendly presumably Republican president and a Congress with both houses at least 2/3 Republican as well so as to prevent a filibuster and a veto if you have any hopes for significant tort reform that does not come along as sugar for making us all government employees under a single payor system, so sayeth Sen. Mitch McConnell.

I applaud the author’s proactive stance. Her approach is simple and direct.  Surprisingly, few would even think to do it.

If more of us made an appointment to our Congressmen or sent letters, perhaps we really could make a difference.