According to Maggie Mahar of Health Beat, physicians need to be trained to be more compassionate and more sympathetic starting from training in medical school.  She also feels that taking students who do not perform as well on national qualifying exams (which she states are biased against rural, poor students) would further the goal of seeing physicians in underprivileged areas and in primary care as opposed to higher paying specialties which are not in as great demand.  Finally, she wants a  student that took humanities over science courses so that this student can show how well rounded he or she is.

Do you want a physician that failed exams but is more compassionate?  I want the one that knows everything possible and can utilize that information, not the one who is most popular!

However, I do have a solution to the problem…

Most physicians buy ventolin nebules online start out idealistically because they truly love medicine as well as treating and helping people. Those interested in amassing a fortune go into business nowadays.

Removing the debt that future physicians will be buried under allows them to concentrate on medicine.

You want them to go into low income areas? You want them to be a certain specialty?

Reward them and it will happen.
For a pledge of your desired goal, allow them to go through medical school with a stipend and no bills. Carry this forward to the residency and set them up in practice with a decent salary and the malpractice paid for.

With less financial demands placed on your “new” physician, he or she will be able to focus on what is important-treating the patient- not the ICD9 sheets.