The following facts come from Michael Steele, RNC Chairman, who wants to share  the facts about the Democrats’ “reform” that they do not want people to learn.

  • Causes 9 million people to lose the insurance they now have;
  • Increases the already bloated deficit by $260 billion over the next decade when all the components are included;
  • Adds $371 billion to the deficit by not including the Medicare physician fee schedule change, also known as the “Doc Fix” provision;
  • Raises taxes by $569 billion on small businesses and creates a new marriage buy xopenex inhaler penalty with new income and investment taxes;
  • Cuts Medicare by $523 billion;
  • Increases premiums by 10% for people without employer-based insurance;
  • Expands the power of the IRS to enforce a government mandate that requires Americans to purchase government-approved insurance; and
  • After all the spending is done and the bill is fully implemented, 23 million people will still be uninsured in 2019.
In our zeal to help insure and take care of the masses, let’s not destroy the health of our society.