It turns out people are passionate about healthcare reform- both for and against plans proposed by the Obama administration.

This Thursday, a “Tea Party Against Socialized Health Care” is being staged at the Broadway Mall in Hicksville.

The flyer for this has 2 columns- one “If you are Against” and one for “If You Are for”.

Because the flyer is written so well, I will pass on what the 2 columns state.

The flyer by the way was made by

If You Are Against

·      Rationed Medical care…

·      Limiting your freedom to choose your own medical doctor and make personal medical decisions…

·      Government making your health care decisions regarding procedures, treatments and hospital needs.

·      Limited disbursements of drugs, especially Cancer and HIV drugs…

·      Limited or No radiation therapy.

·      Long waits for MRI and CAT scans…

·      6-9 months buying a ventolin inhaler wait time for surgery (what happens to a tumor during that time?)…

·      Government deciding if you live or die, especially if you are a senior citizen

If You Are For

·      Your Individual Rights

·      More Doctors and More Nurses

·      Encouraging drug companies to pursue new pharmaceuticals

·      Encouraging medical products companies to pursue new equipment

·      Encouraging entrepreneurs to develop new delivery systems & wellness programs

·      Encouraging doctors to stay in this industry & actually practice their love of science and medicine as opposed to being a bureaucrat in a white suit

Government has already proven it cannot manage health care programs i.e. Medicare and VA. Why should we expand their responsibility?

It’s time to stand up and let your voice be heard.