$2.8 Trillion Stolen… And They Want More!
Concerned Citizens Say: “Stop
Stealing From Social Security!”

Petition Sponsor:  Grassfire Nation
More than 28,000 signers
For years, politicians have been stealing from Social Security. Every penny of the surplus allegedly in a Social Security “trust fund” — $2.8 trillion in all — has already been spent in an effort to hide the true size of the federal deficit. And the Obama Administration continues to lie, saying Social Security is solvent through 2037 when they know this Ponzi scheme will soon collapse under the weight of the retiring baby boomers.

Now, politicians are calling on retired citizens to sacrifice while their bloated budgets and welfare programs continue to grow.

Stop The Stealing And Balance The Budget!
The first order of business in correcting our federal budget crisis is to stop stealing from Social Security! This citizen-led petition calls for Social Security to be put in a LOCK BOX and the stolen funds repaid FIRST. Then CUT other government spending until the budget is balanced and the $2.8 trillion is returned to the Social Security Trust Fund. This simple plan will balance the budget in 3-5 years and restore the stolen trust funds and Social Security solvency in a generation.


Grassfire Nation will deliver your petition to key members of Congress demanding that they “Stop generic version of ventolin hfa Stealing From Social Security!”  

The Petition States:

WHEREAS more than $2.8 trillion has been stolen from the Social Security Trust Fund, leaving Social Security facing imminent insolvency; and

WHEREAS this blatant theft and corruption has undermined the moral authority of our government to address our nation’s current spending and deficit crisis, and

WHEREAS, restoring our nation to fiscal sanity must be built on a foundation of integrity for commitments made to our nation’s present and future retirees,

THEREFORE, WE THE PEOPLE of these United States PETITION the government to:

  1. Truly take Social Security “off-budget,” place the funds in a lock box for use exclusively in paying Social Security obligations and do not use Social Security funds to offset the federal budget deficit.
  2. Eliminate baseline budgeting which builds spending increases into every government program.
  3. CUT all non-Social Security/Medicare programs by 10% annually until the budget is balanced and the $2.8 trillion is returned to the Social Security Trust Fund.

We also call on the Media to only report the real “On-Budget” federal deficit (excluding Social Security) and reject efforts by politicians to use Social Security funds to cloak the runaway spending and deficits.

Unfortunately, money is being bilked from Medicare as well.

Don’t rely on what you read above.  Look into it yourself…and then sign a petition, get your voice heard!