You solicit  clients, new or old and they can’t use your product or service now.

Feeling rejected? Don’t be!  This is an opportunity.   When they are ready for your product, you  want your name to come to their mind.

How do you get them to automatically think of you?  Telepathy?  A witchdoctor spell?

Be sensible.  What will enable you to “speak” to them without being a pest. Something that they will actually look forward to.

Can’t guess?

Simple- a newsletter.  

Writing a newsletter chock full of information they can use or learn, something of great perceived value, will be a great way to stay in the minds of your clients.  They will not only think of you, buy ventolin syrup uk they will look forward to communication from you.

Informing or communicating with clients is a great way to let them see that you are a problem solver and when they need “a problem solved” or a product or service, you will be the one that they come to.

You give advice everyday.  Pull up a chair to that computer and get it down .  Now.  The time is right.

Sending virtual  newsletters cost nothing to send.  Without the overhead, you can send them information “hot off the press” and frequently.

So what are you waiting for?  Get those ideas passed your head and the keyboard.  I’ll be looking for it!