Stand Out From the Crowd and Become a Leader

3 Big Reasons why White Papers are Crucial to your Wealth

According to 74% of professional services, white papers are read more than case studies, product literature, company websites, online video and podcasts.

The simple reason is that readers want to find solutions to their problems.

Benefits include:

  •     Powerful tool for lead generation
  •     Establishes you as a thought leader
  •      Helps close the sale
  •      Goes viral to spread your name and set you apart from competitors.

 What is a White Paper Any way?

 You’ve heard of:

  •     Free reports
  •     Guides
  •    Special reports
  •    Ebooks
  •   Educational papers 

These are all terms for a white paper.  It’s a hybrid between an article and a brochure.  The difference is that unlike a brochure, it is laid out like a news article and is not perceived by readers as a sales tool.  Instead, it is an educational tool to instruct on a service, procedure or product.

White papers both educate and persuade- they provide useful information and direct readers to act in a specific manner- a call to action.

So, Why Do I Need a White Paper?

Reason #1

People seeking answers or doing research, naturally go to those they believe to be authoritative and knowledgeable.  By providing solutions without a hard sell and demonstrating how to do something, it positions you as an authority in your field.


Making your white paper both educational and credible compels people to further give out your information and even quote you, thereby giving you free publicity by many channels.


By offering solutions to problems, people will seek your business out, thereby creating a source for great lead generation.

Identify problems facing the readers of your market target.  Providing evidence to help the reader then persuades others.

Your business will be off and racing in the success lane.