Psst- I gotta hot tip for the next winning stock-you’ll make a ton of money.

Doesn’t that sound like the local shyster you would expect to see at the racetrack.  There are many of those.  The floor is littered with useless stubs from races where people with hot tips lost their money.

“Got a system- you can’t fail”.  Isn’t that what many hopefuls and then “down-troddens”  say when they hit the Vegas Strip?  It’s no coincidence that the strip is littered with pawn shops that thrive on those who have a system.

So why would you listen to someone who “has a system” or wants to “give a hot tip” to you about the stock market.  I can assure you that if that broker (glorified salesman) really had the answers, he would be too busy buy ventolin online ireland raking in his gazillions to be talking to you.

There is no substitute for research and work.  If you want to invest in the market, you must do due diligence.  What that means is….read, study, read, study and then read.  Go to the library and get out the Wall Street Journal, Baron’s, Investment Business Daily and the business section of the New York Times.  After you acquaint yourself with the market, now it is time to play.

The “play” is with play money.  Keep the real money aside in an account until you really know what you are doing.  Make a chart.  Record your transactions.  Get the feel of how you would do.

Then, just  maybe then, you will be ready to make money. (not lose your shirt!)