President Barak Obama has a vision of change but change comes at a price- a steep one.

The country is expected to scale back to pay for his vision:

  • Those who drink high sugar beverages will have to pay a higher amount or scale back drinking them
  • Those who have tax deductions from their earnings will have to pay more taxes
  • Those who have Medicare policies will have to pay more for the coverage 
Democrats, Republicans, private interest groups and lawmakers all have suggestions and all have their own agenda.  “All” is technically not the correct word however.  Because no one, not “all” can agree on any plan to fund the health care reform.
Since the public is being asked to scale back on spending and living expenditures, how about the government scaling back?  Not on policies that concern us as citizens and taxpayers.  How about scaling back on the huge amount of aid that goes to support foreign countries- especially the countries using the money for private coffers that never filter down to the common person in that country?!