It seems to me, like most Americans, that the passage of the Health Care Bill is a fait accompli.

So, as I wrote in my blog yesterday,  it was quite a surprise to find a survey mailed out by the Republicans. They asked  if the public is concerned about the Health Care Bill in general and various aspects of it like governmental interference.

It was also no great surprise to open the New York Times today and read on the front page “Health Care Bill Passes First Test on Capitol Hill”.  

Though the Republicans in general do not approve the proposed bill, Democratic proponents have figured a way to pass it without bipartisan support.  Though there are some Democratic Finance Committee members seeking a consensus buy ventolin in china with Republicans and voiced concern that the bill should be rushed through without proper regard to content.  This attempt is especially evident in the efforts of Kent Conrad from North Dakota and Charles Schumer from New York.

Even Utah Republican Senator Orrin Hatch, who has supported Democrats to pass health care bills in the past, agrees that the new bill is “totally partisan”.

The New York Times article rehashes the price tag that accompanies the new Health Bill which by the way, we CANNOT afford.

Republicans can no longer be just naysayers.  It is no longer acceptable to just say, “we don’t like your proposals”.  They must come up with a strong proposal of their own.

And, they need a better public relations team!