Today, the Republican National Committee sent out an email campaign survey regarding the Obama health plan that democrats want to push through within three weeks, before Congress goes on summer hiatus.

Verbiage of the survey borders on the sensational as it asks whether you are concerned that the health plan calls for government coming between you and your physicians. To answer no is shear folly.  The Republicans are espousing less governmental control.

Survey questions depict an Orwellian system where Big Brother is deciding on your health care and few if any choices would exist other than governmental dictates and then asks if you are concerned.  There are a dozen questions, all along these lines.  The end of the survey asks for donations.

Written to get your hackles up and raise righteous indignation, the Republicans are provoking you into putting up money for defense and to be heard.

Yet where was the Republican National Committee when the policies were first being debated and formulated?

Many of the Republicans sat on the same side as the Democrats when they shook their head in agreement stating that there is a health care crisis and an overhaul is not only long overdue but also a fiscal necessity.

Hopefully, their run for interference will be successful but to truly be successful, the Republicans need to also come up with an alternative plan.