Red Flag Delay

Yes, you have read this before- four other times before as a matter of fact.

This is the fifth time that the FTC announced a delay in enforcement of the Red Flags rule, changing the compliance deadline from June 1 to Dec.31.

As you may recall, the Red Flag rule designates doctor’s practices and other small businesses as creditors, thereby requiring them to submit identity theft and prevention strategies in writing. This would pertain to all offices that bill patients, so that it seems the office is extending credit to the patients.

The purpose of the delay is to allow buy ventolin online canada lawmakers time to consider proposed legislation that woud exempt small businesses including doctor’s offices with fewer than 20 employees from the Red Flag rule. This is also in response to the law suit filed by the AMA, AOA and the Medical Society for the District of Columbia.

What are your thoughts?  Don’t you agree that owing your copay for a medical visit is not really like the physician’s office giving you a “loan” even though it may be the case in the strictest sense of the law?