President Obama feels that a public insurance plan would create more competition with improved premium rates for Americans.

On the other hand, with the array of insurance companies offering health care policies now, there already is competition and rates have actually been lowered over the last few years in relation to inflation.

Because the government can use its purchasing power as a weapon to decrease costs from physicians and hospitals, private insurers can be driven from the market place in the future.

Even the American Medical Association, who many physicians feel does not adequately represent them, rejects the plan of a public insurance creating additional pressure or drain to the current buy ventolin inhaler australia Medicare program and stress to physicians and hospitals.

The Chamber of Commerce has come out with a statement rejecting a public plan for fear of dire consequences for employer-sponsored health insurance.

If private insurers were to abandon the market place and there was only one (public) system in place, the administrators of this system could then dictate medical treatment options based on costs as opposed to efficacy or eradication of illness.

When this Orwellian system takes hold, there may be no turning back.

Do we really want this system dictating health policy for us?  It seems like a very scary thought.