Week two of the American Medical Association’s media campaign urging Congress to protect patients’ access to care is underway.

Congress continues to hear the urgent message from patient advocates all across the country that scheduled cuts to Medicare physicians will have a detrimental effect on patients’ access to care. Medicare services to patients will be impacted unless Congress takes action to reform physician payment systems like the flawed sustainable growth rate (SGR) formula.

The special deficit reduction committee created by Congress to find fiscally responsible solutions to the nation’s deficit — including repeal of the SGR — has until Nov. 23 to act. With time running out, Congress must hear from you today.


Please continue sending Congress the urgent message to protect patients’ access to care. CLICK HERE to email your representative and senators, or you can place a phone call to them by using our toll-free grassroots hotline. Call (888) 434-6200 to be connected with their offices today. Tell them that eliminating the SGR is an essential element of any effort to reform Medicare. Urge them to promote the message that a repeal of the SGR should be part of any solution to address the budget deficit — failure to act only leads to increased costs in the future.

P.S. Encourage your family and friends to be part of the “SGR repeal” campaign by joining the Patients’ Action Network. Family and friends can also connect to the Patients’ Action Network through our Facebookpage and Twitter feed.