Recently, the Federal Government (under has initiated a program tailored to the individual patient, which would increase health and decrease adverse reactions to medications hopefully.

The following information comes from their exciting, innovative program.

The Personalized Health Care Initiative will improve the safety, quality and effectiveness of healthcare for every patient in the US.  By using “genomics”, or the identification of genes and how they relate to drug treatment, personalized health care will enable medicine to be tailored to each person’s needs.

Healthcare that is proactive, instead of reactive, gives the patient the opportunity to become more involved in his or her own wellness.  The US Department of Health and Human Services seeks to advance this Initiative through two guiding principles:

  • Provide federal leadership supporting research addressing individual aspects of disease and disease prevention with the ultimate goal of shaping preventive and diagnostic care to match each person’s unique genetic characteristics.
  •  Create a “network of networks” to aggregate anonymous health care data to help researchers establish patterns and identify genetic “definitions” to existing diseases.

Of course there are individuals that worry about the government discovering too much about their individual genetic makeup for fear that it would be used detrimentally for health rationing or increased insurance premiums.

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