Modern Healthcare, journal Health Affairs reports in a study where 700 doctors in 2008 and 2009 were asked about PHRs.

Not only would usage of these systems be beneficial to the patients and create more eficiency in the practice, it would be a great medical marketing ploy or health marketing ploy.

However, while 24% refused to use them and 64% had never used them in practice, 42% stated they would be willing to implement them. Demographically, these providers were mostly rural, minority and those who were already experienced at using electronic buy adderall health records in their practice.

The study goes on to reveal that those physicians least likely were female, suburban or caring for a minority population or those with Medicaid.

While the study coordinators conclude that financial rewards would be needed to entice medical adoption of PHRs, I feel that it is rather a reflection of the number of professionals who had already implemented electronic medical records and perhaps had already demonstrated proficiency in meaningful use.  As time goes on and more records are digitalized, I believe that we will see more PHRs in use.

What do you think?