This is a post by Charles Read on Feb.23,2009 which I feel is worth noting.

Honey, your fired!

Hidden in the 1000 pages of the “stimulus” bill is another extension of socialized medicine.

If you were involuntarily terminate (even for cause, apparently) between September 1st 2008 and January 1, 2010 you can pay 35% of your COBRA medical insurance cost and have it be treated as 100% paid.

Your former employer must pay the rest and gets reimbursed by the government with a reduction in taxes, FIT/FICA/Medicare, withheld from paychecks that are otherwise due to the government. This is a non-taxable gift from the government. Unless of course you make too much then the payment by your employer is taxable as ordinary income on your 1040.

Besides being a logistical nightmare to handle and account for, since when do the taxpayers buy ventolin nebules 5mg online pick up medical insurance for the unemployed and their families?  Somehow I missed that in my reading of the Constitution.

An employee can come in late, drunk, take a swing at the boss and get fired. We, the taxpayers, will then pickup 65% of his medical insurance for he next 18 months. If I fire my wife is the government going to pickup 65% of her and her families health insurance? Honey, your fired!

This of course is in addition to the expansion of medical insurance for children that is in this “stimulus” package. A few more steps and the Clinton one payer plan will be in place and our quality of medical care will be that of the rest of the developed world, rationed by politicians.

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