A major catastrophe will hit tomorrow spreading pain and tragedy in its wake. Monday is the day that a 21.2% slash in Medicare reimbursement takes effect.

When this cut occurs, many doctors will not only be unable to afford to accept new Medicare patients into their practice, they won’t even be able to afford staying in practice.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s deputy communications director, Regan Lachapelle stated that although a new bill by senate democrats will be forthcoming to aid physicians and grant extensions for several federal initiatives, it won’t be soon enough.

Jim Bunning, the republican senator from Kentucky blocked a bill that would avert the hugh pay cut because he didn’t want to add to the burdgeoning federal deficit. Funnily enough, this wasn’t an issue when it came to funding the Iraqi war initiative.

Once again the medical community is under attack, albeit fiscally, but the institution of private practice can only withstand so much. It may not be as resilient as some think.

Will the medical landscape of the future lack the option of seeing a physician outside a clinic or hospital setting?

Another thought to ponder is that at a time when debates are roaring away regarding the ability of government to “run” health plans, this reflects yet another example of senior citizens  getting the short end of the stick.