The Mantra that legislators recite is “Medicare benefits won’t change”.

Let’s take $500 million out of the system. “No problem” was the legislative cry, the money will be recouped from fraud prevention of the current system.

The Finance Committee proposes to cut payments to private Medicare Advantage plans by $17 billion over a ten year span and decrease reimbursements to healthcare providers by $162 billion.

Hospital lobbyists have agreed with the White House to a $155 billion  reductions in Medicare reimbursements over ten years with the caveat that “97 percent of all legal residents were insured.”

Charles N. Kahn III, President of the Federation of American buy combivent buy inhalers for asthma inhaler online Hospitals, confirms that Mr. Baucus and his proposals have not met the tenet of the agreement.

With constant cutting, it is perfectly obvious that hospitals will have to cinch in their belts in order to survive fiscally.

Further, a Medicare Commission would be formed which for the sake of saving $22 billion, would make cutbacks to the Medicare program.

Democrats naively recite their Mantra– “No change to Medicare benefits”.  Let’s not join in the chant blindly and call it like it is.

With all these cuts, seniors and Medicare beneficiaries will be made to suffer.