Don Berwick resigned from head of The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), now that Republicans have successfully blocked his Senate confirmation, the Associated Press reports today. After he steps down Dec. 2, Deputy Administrator Marilyn Tavenner will take over.

Berwick became head of CMS (centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services)and healthcare reform,  with a recess appointment by President Obama.  His popularity (or lack thereof) was no surprise to many since he favored the British health plan of Nationalized Healthcare. Forty-two GOP senators voiced opposition.  Berwick later clarified that the “the American system needs its own solution.”

The American Hospital Association (AHA)stated today,  “We appreciate his openness to always being willing to listen to the hospital field’s perspective on how to deliver better care to patients. He was instrumental in paving the way to new forms of payments medicament ventolin hfa that allow for greater coordination for patients across the care continuum.  His leadership in health reform implementation has been invaluable, and we are certain he will continue to make important contributions in this arena in the future.”

Marilyn Tavenner, who was nominated to replace Berwick, was the Virginia secretary of health and human resources. In a statement issued by the White House, “Before entering government service, Ms. Tavenner spent nearly 35 years working with health care providers in significantly increasing levels of responsibility, including almost 20 years in nursing, three years as a hospital CEO, and 10 years in various senior executive-level positions for Hospital Corporation of America”.

This is a person who has clearly been through our healthcare system and will  understand where financial cuts should be made, and more importantly, where they shouldn’t!