Did you know that a “Cadillac” insurance plan is not always based on the excellent benefits that a superior coverage offers?

The term “Cadillac” to describe a plan is based on an expensive model. While one would expect that to mean you are buying a plan with excellent benefits covering even the most expensive therapy or low deductibles, it can also translate into a mediocre plan with high premiums due to the insured’s age, sex or prior health problems.

Not everyone with a Cadillac plan is rich or even comfortable in the middle class. Some are just the average worker, the older or sicker one that you may find in the workplace.

This would not matter to the Senate.

The healthcare generic ventolin hfa inhaler proposal by the Senate recommends taxing insurers for plans with premiums above a certain level- more than $8,500 for a single person or $23,000 for a family. High-risk careers like firefighting, policemen and longshoremen would also command taxes, as the premium is higher. Again, there is an inequity in states with 17 of them having a high cost over other states.

Note- the issue of being able to buy out-of-state insurance (which would decrease costs by competition) is deliberately not being addressed.

In a rush to push a healthcare plan through, those who have been depended on and respected, will be the ones to suffer.